The Open Archive for Media, Film, & Communication Studies

The companion site to MediArXiv

MediArXiv is a free, community-led digital archive for media, film, and communication research (hosted on the Open Science Framework). We provide a non-profit platform for media, film, and communication scholars to upload their working papers, pre-prints, accepted manuscripts (post-prints), and published manuscripts. The service is open for articles, books, and book chapters. The mission of MediArXiv is to open up media, film, and communication research to a broader readership and to help build the future of scholarly communication. In the course of its developments, MediArXiv is working toward interoperability with other important open access scholarly platforms in the humanities and social sciences, such as Humanities Commons.

Steering Committee

Jeff Pooley, Associate Professor of Media & Communication, Muhlenberg College

Jeroen Sondervan, open access expert and co-founder of Open Access in Media Studies. Affiliated with Utrecht University

Catherine Grant, Professor of Digital Media and Screen Studies, Birkbeck, University of London

Jussi Parikka, Professor of Technological Culture & Aesthetics, University of Southampton

Leah Lievrouw, Professor of Information Studies, UCLA